The Center for Behavioral Imaging Seminar Series Presents:

Looking at Looking in Autism: Eye-tracking Explorations from Infancy to Adults with ASD Using Behavioral, Computational, and Statistical Approaches

Fred Shic, Ph.D.
Yale University

12:00PM, Tues November 25, 2014 (TSRB Banquet Hall Room 132)

This talk will highlight developmental irregularities in the looking patterns of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Using behavioral paradigms as well as computational and statistical tools, we will examine the nature of deficits in “social attention” in ASD, with a specific focus on the importance of context in interpreting social salience. We will also talk about the future of eye tracking and how eye tracking may translate into clinical applicability, potentially providing new methods for phenotyping, treatment monitoring, and earlier detection of ASD.

Speaker Bio

Frederick Shic, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor at the Yale Child Study Center where he directs the Technology and Innovation Laboratory (TIL), a lab focused on developing new, low-cost technologies to help children with autism spectrum disorders. Dr. Shic received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Yale University and a B.S. in Engineering and Applied Sciences from the California Institute of Technology. Dr. Shic has developed computational and mathematical approaches for analyzing eye-tracking data, with a focus on what these techniques can tell us about the social and cognitive development of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Previously, Dr. Shic was a researcher at the Huntington Medical Research Institutes where he conducted research in 1H and 13C magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS), developing techniques for quantifying and visualizing brain metabolism and neurochemistry. Prior to this, Dr. Shic was a video game programmer for Sony Interactive Studios, where he developed games for the Sony Playstation. Today, Dr. Shic is Director of the Technology and Innovation Laboratory (TIL), a laboratory within the Yale Autism Program that is dedicated to the creation of new, low-cost technologies which can directly and immediately impact the lives of children with ASD. Current projects within TIL include: (1) a touch screen augmentative and alternative communication application for nonverbal children with ASD designed around dense measurement and analytics; (2) a social networking applications for connecting disconnected individuals with others; (3) an application for helping special educators teach appropriate use of prosody to children with ASD; (4) a Microsoft Kinect™ game for evaluating whole-body volitional preferences for emotional information in individuals with ASD; (5) a novel architectures for a social robot meant to teach collaborative skills to children with ASD; (6) novel, low-cost head mounted eye-trackers for studying atypical attention in ASD; and (7) gaze contingent technologies for real-time modification of attentional patterns in toddlers with ASD. Dr . Shic is also Associate Director of the Yale Early Social Cognition Laboratory where he continues his eye-tracking work in early development together with Drs. K. Chawarska and S. Macari.

Lunch will be provided