Jim Rehg attended the 2015 mHealth Summer Training Institute held on the UCLA campus from August 23-28, 2015. He served as one of the core faculty and gave a lecture entitled "Computer Vision Methods for Assessing Behavior." The meeting was organized by the NIH Training Institute for mHealth Methodologies (PI: Vivek Shetty) and held at the California NanoSystems Institute on the UCLA campus.

The attendees worked in small project teams and each team was tasked with developing a short proposal for a novel, fundable mHealth research project by the end of the week. The meeting agenda consisted of presentations by faculty members interspersed with discussion periods to develop the mHealth project proposals.

In spite of the diverse backgrounds of the participants and the varying levels of expertise within the teams, each team made substantial progress and the final project presentations at the end of the week were impressive.

Individuals who are interested in attending the 2016 Training Institute can find some details here, with registration expected to open around February 2016.